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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 94 - Variant Covers: A Speculator's Fools Gold

One episode closer to 100, and the guys review nothing but debut issues this week. David reviews from Frank Miller... huh?... Robocop: Last Stand #1. Knowing Dave's disdain for Frank, this may be an interesting review. Brian reviews the latest from DC/Vertigo, Jeff Lemire's Trillium, and it harkens back to some classic Vertigo vibes. Tony reviews Sidekick from J. Michael Straczynski. Ever wonder what would happen if a popular sidekick loses his main guy? You're about to find out. Lastly, Tony discuss the latest in the Speculator's Corner and why variant covers probably aren't the best way to speculate on hot comic books. Also, find out what past Marvel comic book may be on the rise, especially if rumors are true about the upcoming X-Men movie.

The Atomic Fallout Society... there's only one variant, and that's good enough for everyone.

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