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Saturday, July 13, 2013

From the Underground: Episode 16

Jacob and Ryan start off by assigning blame to each other about who was responsible for why there wasn't a show last week. Ryan rips into a couple of bands with poor quality recordings. They both spend a moment talking about how much they love Andrew Jackson Jihad. Jacob and Ryan both have trouble remembering who brought what to play on the show. Jacob plays a little joke on Ryan on air. Jacob couldn't help but remark about the Hello Kitty camel toe on the wall at Samurai Comics again, just like he did on Vol 2 Issue 25 of The Gorram Nerd Hour.

Devour The Unborn - Cesspool Of Stillborns
Fun. - Benson Hedges
Static Fiction - Stop And Look
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Ziggy Stardust
Second Base - Everybody Knows
HemoGoblin - Captain America's Shield
Defleshed And Gutted - Grotesque Beheadings
Skullcap - No Continue
Toadies - Backslider
Trigger Void - ZipNeckTie

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