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Saturday, June 29, 2013

From the Underground: Episode 15

Ryan complains about Jacob existing while Jacob complains about Ryan not paying attention on the show. Jacob talks about keeping Japanese girls chained in his basement. Jacob's co-host of The Gorram Nerd Hour, Brian Smith, makes a quick appearance due to Ryan asking about his antics in the store (the video was posted on Ryan's Facebook). And they had a very childish argument about asking someone a question. Oh, and Ryan claims he's better looking than James Caan and tells Jacob he rapes crepes.

John Wesley Harding - Making Love To Bob Dylan
Turbid North - Rift
Solstice - Sleeping Tides
The Swear - Pornography On Avenue A
Henry Daggs - State Line Drinking Song
Full Blown Chaos - Silence Is Golden
Ethnic Degeneration - Dishonesty
Dreaming Awake - My Best Friend Plank
Mike Mains & Branches - Lady Love
Reign Of Vengeance - The Master's Sons

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