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Saturday, June 8, 2013

From the Underground: Episode 12

Fresh off their time working at Phoenix Comicon (Jacob) and drinking with the Abnormal Entertainment crew (Ryan) comes Episode 12, and it is packed with music... so much so they actually didn't talk for four songs straight. But when they did, it was about Ryan's foray into Doctor Who, the con crud and driving a taxi. They also played their first rap song on the show. Give it a listen.

Full Blown Chaos - Doomageddon
Chicksy Dicks - Evil Crow
Neato - A2C
ElectricJezus - Feed
Ethan 103 - 500
Jet Noir - WTM
Dreaming Awake - My Best Friend Plank
Breyo - Pay Day
Stone Mary - Shine On
Failing To Fly - Solitude
Venomous Pinks - Fight Night
Throb Zombie - Let Go

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