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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 81 - Emotions Run High...

In this emotionally packed episode of The Atomic Fallout Society, the guys let their passions stretch the show for an additional 10 minutes. Damn caffeine. Anyway, we have reviews...

Dave reviews the latest Danger Club as the shit hits the fan for our favorite sidekicks and things get pretty messy... messy in a blood and guts sort-of-way. Tony reviews Age of Ultron... wait a minute, didn't he do this a couple of weeks ago? He has a good reason why THIS particular issue needs to be mentioned as a key moment will most likely end up creating a lot of change in the Marvel Universe. Brian reviews Five Ghosts: Haunting of Fabian Gray. Is this title worth the pickup? One word: yes.

Dave catches everyone up with some important industry news but sets the table for some internal strife within the Abnormal Family. In a nutshell: Brian. Kevin. Man of Steel movie. Superman. Kevin Hates Superman. Brian Loves Superman. You get the picture, and it gets feisty.

So with that being said, it was a great run for The Atomic Fallout Society, especially if our esteemed leader Mr. Moyers decides to inflict his wrath onto our boys.

The Atomic Fallout Society... maybe North Korea needs a podcast.

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