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Saturday, April 6, 2013

From the Underground: Episode 4

Right from the start Jacob tries his best to derail the show by asking Ryan about the relevant nature of KISS. Should they really be doing a KISS Hello Kitty series for The HUB network? They discuss it for a few minutes before kicking off the show with a bang. Ryan tells an embarassing story about seeing Green Jelly live. They continue to bring you a more diverse mix of music with this latest episode. Here's your track list -

Cyanide Scream - Now Or Never

The Swear - Sex & The Drugs

Here Come The Mummies -You Know The Drill

Electric Soul Parade - Segue

Tigerface - Jellyfish

St. Madness - Arizona

Verra Cruz - Freedom

Rising Conviction - House Of The Rising Sun

Dreaming Awake - My Best Friend, Plank

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