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Friday, March 1, 2013

Unprotected Sports with Tony and The Lion: Round 56: The Return Of The Godfather

Leo is out sick this week, but never fear, as The Godfather is in for the entire show as Tony's co-host. Topics of discussion include Oscar Pistorius (again), the Chiefs' apparent acquisition of Alex Smith from the 49ers, Tom Brady taking less money from the Patriots, and an interesting comment from Adrian Peterson. You'll also hear why an athlete that's been a big point of discussion on our shows recently is the subject of this week's Pussification segment.

The Godfather's presence means that golf must be discussed, and you'll get thoughts on a controversial issue in the golf world:  whether or not the "anchored" putter should be banned. There's also the introduction of a new segment that's full of many questions and answers.

Finally, hear the Godfather choose a Sandusky winner for the first time as a co-host.

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