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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 77 - What the F is a "Requiem"?

Now that Robin is dead... (spoilers), the comic book world, more importantly, the Batman universe is now dealing with it in their own ways, and the guys decide to pay tribute to Robin by reviewing the Batman titles this week dealing with the death of Damien Wayne. Dave reviews the latest Batgirl in which Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon are dealing with their own family issues... like a serial killer within their own family, as this storyline is heading towards a very messy family reunion.

Tony reviews the latest Batman in which the Dark Knight finds himself in a self-imposed suicide mission against the Gotham underworld. However, Harper Row is looking to make sure that Batman stays focused and remembers his true role as Gotham City's crusader. Could she be the next sidekick for Batman? Too early to tell, but check it out to see the beginnings of a new relationship.

Lastly, Brian reviews probably the most emotional and touching Batman and Robin issue. This issue is particularly powerful since there's no spoken dialogue throughout the issue, yet each panel and image expresses the inner saga going on within Bruce Wayne. This is one issue that you CANNOT miss and will be talking about for awhile.

On top of this, there's talk about revisiting Batman's early days, like the very beginning of how Batman became Batman and his very first super-villain. This has the makings of a classic storyline, and it's from Scott Snyder, so how can it go wrong?

The Atomic Fallout Society... we still don't know what "requiem" means.

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