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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 76 - All Hands On Deck

For the first time in awhile, all three entities of The Atomic Fallout Society are present and accounted for. Good thing too, since this week turned out to be a good one in terms of titles.

The captain, Tony Sabal, discusses the latest big storyline from Marvel, Age of Ultron, which debuts this week. Is it worth the hype? Have we seen this formula before? Umm... yeah. The professor, Brian Smith, finally gets a chance to wrap up the H'el On Earth storyline from Superman. THIS ONE actually is worth picking up, and not because the Professor says so, but this one ends with a possible earth-shaking conclusion that may re-shape the DC Universe... too much? Lastly, our little buddy, David Sabal, reviews the latest Animal Man, which turns out to be a very heart-wrenching story that will shape future storylines for our buddy, Buddy...

This week also brings a new "Educating the Masses" with the Professor himself. Since the last couple of weeks have been focused around death in recent comic book titles, the Professor wants us to learn where it all began: Batman's "Death In The Family"... only this time our tragic character is still Robin, but the Jason Todd Robin. This is MANDATORY reading, so pay attention as the Professor teaches...

The Atomic Fallout Society... the only storyline you need to be reading.

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