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Saturday, March 30, 2013

From the Underground: Episode 3

Welcome to the third episode of From The Underground. This week Jacob and Ryan bring you a very mixed group of songs from artists you should be listening to. Ryan also explains the name of his company "Something Wicked Entertainment". And like Jimi Hendrix opening for the Monkees, they talk about the band Phantasm opening for the likes of Mos Def, Living Colour, Andrew WK and The Locusts. Here's the list of tracks -

The Chimpz - Home Invasion

The 77's - Nobody's Fault But Mine

Phantasm - Better Off Worse

Diamond Rugs - Call Girl Blues courtesy of Partisan Records

Jet Noir - Inhale, Exhale

Naked Lunch - Rabies

Rising Conviction - Shudder

Vivicide - Forsaken

The Bled - Breathing Room Barricades

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