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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 72 - Industry News with David Sabal

This week, Dave brings everyone up-to-date with the latest in the comic book industry. Our own little newscaster brings up topics to inform, and in this case, topics that only inflame our buddy, Brian Smith. In other words, this week will be an angry one for our Professor...

But first, Tony talks about the latest New Avengers and the focal point which happens to be the Illuminati. This isn't the Illuminati that you may be familiar with... but one thing is for sure, Captain America isn't liking what he is seeing. What to do with those Infinity Gems? Hmmmm...

Dave reviews Harbinger #0 from Valiant Comics. Who is Harbinger? Probably the most powerful individual on the planet, and he has an agenda alright... an agenda that will shape the universe forever.

Lastly, Brian talks about Aspen Comics' Legend of the Shadow Clan. Big things are happening with Aspen Comics, and it starts off with this special issue. Tune in to find out more exciting news about where Aspen Comics is headed. Brian is definitely excited.

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