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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 70 - Class Is In Session... Dark Knight Style

This week brings another awesome opportunity to educate ourselves with the help of The Professor, Brian Smith... as long as Captain Asshole... I mean, Captain Tony knows his role and shuts his mouth while the Professor is lecturing. Tony is such a major douche...

But first, we have reviews. Brian discusses the Superboy annual which is slowly setting up the mind-blowing conclusion of "H'el On Earth" for the Superman titles. Brian is excited for what is slowly being set up and not even Krypto is going to spoil it for him. Tony discusses the first issue of Star Trek Countdown To Darkness which is the official movie prequel to the anticipated Star Trek Into Darkness movie this summer. You thought you knew all of the answers to the rumors about the movie? You'll think twice after reading this one. Lastly, Dave discusses the latest issue from Tim Seeley's Revival. Another great title from Image Comics that is not quite like any other "zombie" story, but it does reflect on how humanity treats itself pretty crappy at times, i.e. it's a great character story.

The Professor, Brian Smith, starts off class by talking about what most people might consider probably the most influential comic book title in comic book history... but you can be the judge: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight. Very insightful summary, and its influence is still evident even up to today. Great learning experience for any comic book fan... as long as Tony behaves... jerkoff.

The Atomic Fallout Society... we don't stalk fake people on the internet.

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