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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 69 - Hey Douchebags, We Get It...

This week finds the boys discussing a very important but overexposed topic in the comic book industry. Maybe because the mainstream media are nothing more than douches and can't get over the fact. Doesn't matter if it's the left or right or up or down, they tend to overthink the fact that being gay in comic books isn't a big deal to comic book fans...

But first, Brian Smith talks about the debut of Savage Wolverine. The art is great (especially the bod they give Shanna the She-Devil), but even that doesn't save it from a somewhat weak storyline. But at least Shanna has an incredible rack...

Tony talks about the latest Captain America from Rick Remender and how it is slowly turning into one of the creepiest horror... yes, HORROR... storylines that Cap has ever been involved in recent times. If the opening pages don't disturb you, the last page will only leave you saying "WTF?"

Finally, Dave talks about a title that deserves a lot of love and more exposure. Elephantmen is probably one of those titles that will either blow your mind away or leave you trying to wrap it around this concept. Genetically-altered animals? Check. Noir atmosphere? Check. Slice-n-dice action? Check.

To finish off the show, the guys decided at the last minute to talk about the recent GLAAD awards for comic books. Maybe it's just them, but they aren't too focused on the fact that there are gay comic book characters, they just want great comic book storylines. Is that too much to ask? Tune in to find out...

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