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Monday, January 28, 2013

Bank on Action Presents After The Bell: Episode 1 - Gettin' to Know Ya

This is a new concept from the Bank On Action podcast as it's much more of a round table of wrestling fans and wrestlers chatting about different topics in the world of professional wrestling. "Miracle" Mike James, Jeff the Ref, JV Vernola, Camera-Guy Josh, and Superfan Tim join Taylor Made and Masked Blogster for this portion which took place just after Episode 25 of the Bank On Action podcast.

The next part takes place at the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix, AZ on the day of the WWE Royal Rumble. Masked Blogster was joined by Mr. E Marquee, Darqness, Toom E Guci as well as some of the people that were partaking in the food and beverages at the Hard Rock Cafe. Masked Blogster will be eating crow after giving some of his predictions...

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