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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 65 - Captain AWOL

This week finds our captain missing. Why? Who knows? But we still have Brian Smith and David Sabal running the show and they brought a good friend, Gregory "Darkseid" Holmes. Let the mayhem begin...

Dave reviews the latest Amazing Spider Man as we begin the countdown to the final issue, # 700. This week brings us # 699.1 which focuses on Moebius the Living Vampire who will play an important role in 2013 in the Marvel Universe. Our buddy Greg discusses the latest issue from the 30 Days of Night comic series. Yeah, we know it's Christmas, but so far, the Society wants to talk vampires, and this latest comic book is dark and a favorite for horror fans. Lastly, Brian talks about the latest Superboy comic. Why is he wearing Superman's armor? How was he actually created? What kind of ending are we looking at for this latest storyline? This storyline is worth talking about so far.

The guys also discuss the latest buzz and controversy surrounding Tony Harris and his latest comments about cosplay players. Pro or con?

The Atomic Fallout Society... who needs a captain anyway?

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