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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 52 - The Atomic Fallout Society presents MasterTwit Theatre

The guys try something brand new... in fact, there are a couple of new things going on starting this week. First, the guys go on the road and bring this week's show from Samurai Comics in Mesa, which is the beginning of a run where The Atomic Fallout Society will actually be recording shows at of all things... a comic shop. And with that, they bring back comrade Brian Smith who helps out in a brand-new feature from the AFS, MasterTwit Theatre. You'll have to listen to it to believe what you are hearing as this week's topic will be on the Rob Liefeld/Scott Snyder Twitter battle.

But there's more! The guys have their usual reviews and all of the reviews are based off of the DC Zero titles that make their debut this week.

Lastly, there will be LOTS of smiles as Dave goes on a rampage... yes, it's another instance of David having Tourette's over something that makes him very angry... two words... Rob Liefeld. Although it isn't what you think and it isn't all Rob's fault.

The Atomic Fallout Society... soon to be Rob Liefeld's LEAST favorite podcast...maybe?

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