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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 51 - Labor Day... A Year Later

Around this time last year, David and Tony Sabal were approached by Abnormal Entertainment and asked whether or not they were interested in doing a podcast on comic books... and the rest was history. Apparently, David realized this but Tony didn't. That should give you an indication of the impact of the podcast.

In the meantime, Tony discusses Green Lantern Annual # 1 which sets the stage for the Rise of the Third Army. What's that you say? You'll find out. Dave discusses Flash Annual # 1 which examines the new dynamic surrounding the Rogues, a classic villain group that the Flash does battle with in the past. Is it different in this new DC Universe?

Dave also sums up his experience this year at Saboten Con, the annual Anime convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Tony is still confused even after Dave's explanation.

All this and big news about future shows, Tony introduces NEW sound drops and Dave still reminds us about Black Kiss...

The Atomic Fallout Society... one year older but it feels like eternity.

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