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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 43 - Being Alan Moore

The AFS goes public by spending quality time with comic buddy Brian Smith. First, Dave talks about the latest Amazing Spider-Man from Dan Slott and how it slyly ties into the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie. Tony discusses the evil that is Albert Einstein... confused? You won't be after reading the Manhattan Project from Jonathan Hickman. Tony likey.

Lastly, Tony, Dave and Brian discuss the Before Watchmen run from DC Comics. What worked, what didn't work.

But why listen to these fanboys when we can bring in the man himself... Alan Moore. He is even incoherent in-person, apparently, but that didn't stop the AFS from extending an olive branch to this legendary genius. Did they thaw that cold English heart? Or was there bloodshed at Samurai Comics Mesa this week?

The Atomic Fallout Society... even Alan Moore gives two thumbs up... sort of.

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