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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 23 - A Word for Creator's Rights and Dave Gets REALLY Excited About The New Sponsor...

Another week, another show. Dave talks about the latest issue of Scarlet Spider and how this series may be worth following or keeping an eye out for.

Tony talks about the latest super-creator team up of Robert Kirkman and Nick Spencer and their collaboration, Thief Of Thieves. This one has the makings of a good movie or TV series.

The guys come to the defense of a comic book legend and the wrong done to him by an industry giant. Calling out the corporate douchebags is the agenda this week for The Atomic Fallout Society.

Lastly, Dave gets excited while Tony gets nauseous and uncomfortable thanks to the latest sponsor to join Abnormal Entertainment, Adam and Eve. Yep, that Adam and Eve. Break out the baby oil and lotion everyone!

Where's the beef you say? The Atomic Fallout Society is 100% USDA choice and E-coli free.

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