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Friday, January 27, 2012

Unprotected Sports with Tony and The Lion: Round 1 - Meet Your Hosts

In this launch podcast, Tony and Leo break down the NFC and AFC Championship games and what doomed the Ravens and 49ers.

You'll find out things you didn't know about Jewish athletes, gambling, as well as learning who is most qualified to win the inaugural Jerry Sandusky Award.

To listen, click here. To download, right click and "Save As..."

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  1. Nice first show guys. Good listen while I slave away at my computer. The only feedback I have is that Tony's voice is lower/softer than Leo's. Maybe turn up Tony's mike next time (assuming you have seperate mikes) so they are both equal.

  2. Good job Cuz!!! A little disappointed that you missed a key point in the 49ers loss; the quick whistle-non reviewable-forward progress stopped bullshit-New York fumble on the 20 with 2:12 left in the 4th...and the officials had plenty of time to review during the 2:00 warning. Looks like the the NFL wanted a rematch Super Bowl, because both the 49ers and Ravens got screwed by non-reviewed game changing play.